Tier V

In early June of 2021, at the direction of the Regulatory Affairs Working Group, AEM pulled together its Engine Emissions Strategy Task Force (EESTF) to better understand the existing engine emissions regulatory environment and what requirements may arrive in the future. This task force, made up of whole good equipment manufactures and engine suppliers, engages with regulatory policymakers and educates key stakeholders prior to and during emissions-related rulemaking efforts. 

On Nov. 3, 2021, the California Air Resources Board (CARB) hosted a webinar titled – Tier 5 Rulemaking Workshop. During this workshop CARB staff presented preliminary thoughts and potential amendments to the existing off-road diesel engine regulations. 

These proposals included various regulatory concepts, such as emission standards, certification, in-use testing programs and other potential amendments. According to CARB, Tier 5 rulemaking will contain: 

  • The proposed next generation of criteria pollutant emission standards for new off-road diesel engines 
  • New certification testing for various duty cycles 
  • Extended warranty concepts, and 
  • The application of new engine emission technology requirements 

During the workshop, representatives from CARB discussed different topics and requested feedback from industry in numerous areas. These areas and information requests ranged from topics such as low load application cycles, hybrid powertrain certification procedures, engine idling, in-use testing and more. 

The Engine Emissions Strategy Task Force, with additional input from AEM’s Engine Emissions Technical Committee, provided comments in response to CARB’s requests on Jan. 31, 2022. View the comments here. 

AEM intends to continually engage with CARB policymakers during the Tier 5 rulemaking process, as well as work with other groups and weigh in on other important regulatory efforts that may impact the equipment manufacturing industry in the future.  

For more information on AEM’s advocacy efforts, please reach out to AEM’s Jason Malcore at jmalcore@aem.org. For more information on the EESTF and AEM’s efforts moving forward, reach out to AEM’s John Somers at jsomers@aem.org. 

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