Ag Lighting and MarkingEffective June 22, 2017, all new agricultural equipment with the potential of being operated on public roadways throughout the United States needs to be in compliance with the requirements of ASABE S279.14 or its successors.

To clarify the requirements detailed in this standard, AEM member company representatives have developed an illustrative guide to provide a visual reference for the current version, which is S279.17. This visual representation is intended to help stakeholders better understand and navigate this complex standard, particularly for those who do not routinely read and apply standards or participate in the standards development process.

The illustrative guide is available at: While the document provides excellent visual references, AEM has also taken the steps to prepare a webinar to fully explain the standard and its nuances. The webinar serves as an excellent and informative resource for:

  • Agricultural equipment owners and operators
  • Agricultural equipment manufacturers
  • Agricultural equipment dealers
  • Agricultural supply co-ops and retailers.

The graphic representations in both the illustrated guide and the graphic-intensive webinar help to provide a common understanding supporting the old adage that “a picture is worth a thousand words.”

For more information, contact AEM Senior Director of Technical and Safety Services Mike Pankonin (, tel: 414-298-4128).

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