Task ForceAEM is set to support and contribute to an upcoming virtual conference focused on exploring cutting-edge electro-hydraulic strategies aimed at helping equipment manufacturers achieve the efficiency and emission goals associated with their electrified machines. 

The conference, entitled Increasing Efficiency and Reducing Emissions with Electric-Powered Hydraulics on Mobile Machines, is co-organized by MSOE’s Fluid Power Industrial Consortium (FPIC), and the National Fluid Power Association (NFPA) and AEM, and it's scheduled for Thursday, Sept. 1. 

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AEM Director of Global Standards and Compliance Jason Malcore will kick off the virtual conference highlighting the efforts of his association’s Engine Emissions Strategy Task Force to better contextualize: 

  • The reasons why mobile machines are electrifying 
  • What efficiency and emissions goals have been identified by the industry and are anticipated to be developed by regulators 

In addition, Malcore will provide a brief overview of other power source technologies that are being considered. 

Leaders from NFPA will also provide presentations on effective electro-hydraulic applications, as well as formally launch the association’s Fluid Power Task Force. NFPA’s task force is an industry working group that will explore and define multiple electrification architectures and seek to describe their potential impacts on the fluid power industry and the mobile and industrial markets it serves. 

For more information on this upcoming virtual conference, click here. Otherwise, contact AEM’s John Somers at jsomers@aem.org, or Jason Malcore at jmalcore@aem.org to learn more.

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