Julie DavisAEM's Julie Davis is now a SHRM-certified professional.

The certification reflects Davis's ability to apply human resources principles to real-life situations, support day-to-day human resources functions and more. Not only are SHRM certifications recognized and valued by employers across the globe in all industries as the premiere HR certification, they’re the only HR certification offered by SHRM, the world's largest HR membership organization.

“Leading the workforce initiative for AEM means that I’m communicating with HR professionals on a regular basis,” said Davis. “I have known many workforce development organizations that didn’t carry an understanding of the HR world into what they were attempting to accomplish with that audience, which I felt lead to a lack of real understanding and empathy for everything that HR professionals are tasked with today. I wanted to get this certification so that I could ensure that I shared a base of knowledge with the people in the industry I am working with, bring the suggestions I was making for the industry back to AEM, and incorporate the solutions I was proposing to the industry.”

Davis joined AEM in 2019 as the association’s Director of Workforce Development, and she now works as AEM’s Senior Director of Workforce and Industry Initiatives. In her current role, Davis connects the equipment manufacturing industry professionals to researched and field-tested best practices, as well as helps AEM members find workforce resources, partners and support, among other tasks and responsibilities.

Prior to joining AEM, Davis worked in corporate training and economic development in northeast Wisconsin before transitioning to working with, then leading, a Boys & Girls Club in Door County, Wisconsin. Davis and graduated Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology from the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh and was enrolled in the school’s Honors Scholars Program.

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