Looking to find out what the critical components are to developing a leading-edge product safety program? Want to take an existing program to another level? Consider attending the 2020 AEM Product Safety & Compliance and Product Liability Seminars.

Scheduled for April 27-30, 2020 in Itasca, Illinois, these back-to-back seminars offer industry professionals uniquely valuable perspectives on the latest in standards, regulations and best practices. In addition, one track of 10 sessions focuses on technical manual development, standards, challenges and latest best practices, plus a four-and-a-half-hour bonus workshop.

“Both seminars present leading-edge information, proven processes and ample networking opportunities, along with updated industry practices for risk assessment,” said AEM Technical and Safety Services Manager Nathan Burton.

Product Safety & Compliance Seminar

Off-road equipment product safety and compliance professionals, whether they are new to the discipline or experienced veterans, will receive valuable information on topics such as risk assessment, hazard communication, developing standards and regulations, technical publication practices and more.

Some topics covered during the 2020 Product Safety & Compliance Seminar include:

  • Alternative Power for Off-highway Machines (LNG, CNG, Hybrid Electric Powertrain)
  • Risk Assessment 201 – A Deeper Dive
  • Understanding International Market Access Standards and Regulations
  • Electro Mobility Solutions for Building Tomorrow; Compliance Challenges
  • EU & EAEU Compliance Processes (Construction Equipment 2020 Update)

To see highlights of the 2019 Product Safety & Compliance Seminar, watch the video below.

Product Liability Seminar

Once the Product Safety and Compliance Seminar concludes, most attendees will stay for the Product Liability Seminar on April 30. In addition to providing networking opportunities, the Product Liability Seminar offers impactful insights into factors that impact the existence and ultimate scope of a claim, steps along this process to minimize the risks of litigation, preparation, deposition and trial, proper management and protection of internal communications, effective product and supplier quality programs, and traits of an active product safety committee, delivered by knowledgeable and experienced product liability litigators.

Taken together, the seminar sessions offer attendees proven industry practices for risk assessment, process documentation, product liability positioning, litigation avoidance and compliance. They also arm attendees with a product safety “toolkit” of knowledge to use on the job each day, and they will benefit from the wealth of opportunities to network with safety experts and other equipment manufacturing industry professionals.

“I didn't know what to expect when I arrived, but I don't regret (attending) for a moment,” said Jim Waldon of Skyjack, Inc., a first-time attendee in 2019. “It's been fantastic, and a really good learning opportunity for me.”

Bruce James, product safety and compliance manager for AGI and Product Safety & Compliance Seminar Planning Committee chair, echoed Waldon’s sentiments on the value of the event: “I have, in some ways, built much of my career from ideas and topics that I’ve heard from (Product Safety & Compliance) seminar and have used those ideas to improve and formalize product safety at AGI, and I’m looking forward to contributing back.”

Said Karen Hensley of Argos Multilingual: “The networking is fantastic, and probably the No. 1 thing I look forward to the most. The (Product Safety & Compliance) seminar offers an opportunity to meet different people from different companies, learn what their challenges are, learn what their solutions are, and then take them home and apply them.”

Registration for the 2020 seminars will open soon. More information, including a complete agenda, will be available shortly.

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