Ag Tractor and Combine SubscriptionGaining access to the wealth of information contained in the monthly AEM Ag Tractor & Combine Reports for the United States, Canada and Russia has never been easier.

For $750 per year, interested individuals can subscribe to receive the report via email each month. Subscribers gain access to ag tractor and combine data after it is released to PR Newswire, but before the reports are posted to the AEM website.

Subscriptions last the entire calendar year, from January through December. For those interested individuals who subscribe now, the November 2017 and December 2017 Ag Tractor and Combine reports will be provided at no additional charge.

Subscribers to the AEM Ag Tractor & Combine Report will also receive the Russian Ag Tractor & Combine Report before it is uploaded to

To subscribe, visit the AEM Store at or contact Agriculture Statistics Manager Sarah Miller (, tel: 414-298-4133).