Ag TractorJune marked a down month for ag tractor and combine sales, according to data released earlier this week by AEM.

Total farm tractor sales were down 3.5 percent last month, when compared to June of 2018, while retail sales of self-propelled combines fell 23 percent.

Every product category saw a decrease last month, though year-to-date sales for tractors (up 4.3 percent) and combines (up 4.5 percent) remained solid. Here is the breakdown for June (when compared to the same time a year ago):

  • 2WD Farm Tractors (<40 HP) -- -2.6%
  • 2WD Farm Tractors (40<100 HP) -- -4.8%
  • 100+ HP -- -7.4%
  • Total 2WD Farm Tractors -- -3.4%
  • 4WD Farm Tractors -- -15.7%

Canadian retail sales of farm tractors and combines fared no better last month. Total tractor sales dropped 14.5% when compared to last June, while sales of self-propelled combines fell nearly 47%.

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