What can equipment manufacturers learn from a self-driving car? Attendees at the Product Safety & Compliance Seminar in St. Louis, Missouri, had the chance to find out.

Serge Lambermont, seminar keynote speaker, was one of six Delphi engineers who recently drove a modified Audi Q5 SUV from San Francisco to New York. The trip was accomplished with “99 percent of the drive in fully automated mode,” Delphi said.

  • The Delphi vehicle is equipped with a full suite of active safety features, including radar, vision, and Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS).
  • Among the innovative technologies used in the vehicle is a multi-domain controller and a scalable, high-end microprocessor that monitors the car’s multiple features and functions.
  • Another Delphi innovation, an integrated Radar and Camera System (RACam), provides combined radar sensing, vision sensing, and data fusion in a single module to help guide and control the vehicle.

Some of the active safety features used on Delphi’s autonomous car could have potential future applications for off-road equipment, Lambermont said.

View Serge Lambermont’s presentation from the Product Safety & Compliance Seminar: