Membership Directory

As part of its ongoing efforts to promote, highlight and serve its members, AEM is pleased to announce the launch of a new online membership directory.

Available now, the directory serves as a uniquely valuable tool for OEM members to seek out and find information on component and service members within the association in an interactive and informative format.

“Our newly launched directory provides OEMs, component manufacturers and service organizations with an easy-to-use, accurate resource for connecting with, and learning about, one another,” said AEM Vice President of Membership and Sales Paul Flemming.

The initiative came about as a direct result of a request from AEM’s Components Members Executive Committee and Service Members Executive Committee calling on the association to examine and, eventually, pursue ways to provide service members and components manufacturers with increased awareness and additional exposure as they relate to the products and services these companies provide.

“Driven by AEM’s Member & Exhibitor Success and Association Services Marketing teams, in collaboration with the AEM Ag and CE Sectors and IT department, the membership directory serves as a great way for service members and components members to stand out and validate their position within the industry,” said Flemming. “In addition, it will be promoted as a tool for OEMs when they are in need of certain components and services.”

Key details to be aware of include:

  • The membership directory is available for use by anyone, and it can be found on the association’s website –
  • AEM member company representatives, when approached about other members who may or may not provide a certain service or product, are encouraged to share the link to the directory with one another.
  • AEM member company representatives are encouraged to create a login to indicate interest in connecting with another member.
  • AEM service member companies and components manufacturers have the opportunity to purchase upgraded directory listings.

For more information about AEM’s new membership directory, sponsored by Terralingua Translations, contact AEM’s Paul Flemming at

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