AgrievolutionMember companies of the Agrievolution Statistics Program (ASP) recently proposed a statistics program initiative designed to foster alignment through the classification and reporting of equipment using consistent metrics and major boundary class sizes among programs around the world.

The proposal calls for all organizations collecting and reporting equipment information to adopt recommended standards, serving to help save on the costs of comparing competitive equipment, provide the most accurate means of universal management, and making it easier for companies to report into multiple programs by using the same metrics for each.

The initiative is supported by the Agrievolution Alliance, a global coalition of agriculture equipment manufacturing associations, many of whom run national statistics programs and whose member companies participate in the Agrievolution Statistics Program.

“The proposal seeks to help Agrievolution Alliance member companies seeking to do business internationally have the clearest possible picture of world, regional and individual country markets, as well as possess the means to accurately compare products globally in a uniform manner,” said Rex Sprietsma, ASP Secretariat and director of statistics and market information at AEM, which acts as Secretariat for the Agrievolution Statistics Program.  

The proposed products and metrics for collection and reporting are:

  • Forage Harvesters – ISO 14396 (ECE R 120) maximum engine horsepower
  • Balers – Dimensions of physical baler chamber in millimeters
  • Combines – ISO 14396 (ECE R 120) rated engine power in kilowatts
  • Combine Headers – By row capacity or width in centimeters
  • Tractors – ISO 14396 (ECE R 120) rated engine horsepower without boost

“Adoption by all associations of the proposed metrics and size class boundaries will serve as the platform to allow for universal comparison of competitive equipment around the world,” said Anita Sennett, Agrievolution Secretariat and AEM senior director of agriculture.

The Agrievolution Statistics Program provides global product specific shipment data to the companies who report into the program, covering the five products listed above. Quarterly index data from the exchanges is available to all member companies of an Agrievolution Alliance member association. AEM is one of 13 ag equipment manufacturing associations that make up the Agrievolution Alliance, all of whom work to promote the benefits of mechanization in global sustainable agriculture.

Data is processed by Systematics International, an independent data processing company based out of the United Kingdom. A public version of the index can be found on the Agrievolution Alliance Global Market Data page.

For more information on the Agrievolution Statistics Program, or additional details on the proposed efforts to classify and report equipment using consistent metrics and major boundary class sizes, contact AEM’s Rex Sprietsma at

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