AEM’s 2022 policy priorities

Take a deeper dive into AEM's 2022 Policy Priorities.

National Manufacturing Strategy

AEM is advocating for the federal government to develop and implement a comprehensive national manufacturing strategy to strengthen the economy, create new jobs and opportunities, and ensure the United States is the best place in the world for equipment manufacturers to innovate, manufacture, and do business. Securing the future of equipment manufacturing, and manufacturing overall, especially during these difficult times, should be a national priority and one that will require a coordinated and focused effort from the entire federal government. Learn more.


Equipment manufacturers need modern infrastructure to compete in the global economy. AEM helped pass the Infrastructure Investments and Jobs Act that will support rebuilding our nation’s infrastructure, create good-paying jobs, and reclaim our infrastructure advantage. Learn more.


Pro-growth trade policies keep the U.S. equipment manufacturing industry strong and American workers employed. With about 30 percent of equipment manufactured in the United States destined for export, free and fair trade policies and agreements are vital to the industry’s prosperity. AEM urges elected officials to support pro-growth trade policies that keep U.S. equipment manufacturing robust in an increasingly competitive global market. Learn more.


Equipment manufacturers support tax and fiscal policies that promote investment, competitiveness, and job creation. Recent U.S. tax reform has created a tax code that will help equipment manufacturers compete and win. The full economic effect of tax reform will take years to play out, but it is already making a meaningful difference for the 2.8 million men and women of the equipment manufacturing industry. Any effort to increase the corporate tax rate or repeal the pro-growth provision in tax reform would make equipment manufacturers less competitive, resulting in less investment and fewer jobs. Learn more.

Rural America

A strong farm economy not only benefits farmers and ranchers, but also helps protect the more than 700,000 agricultural equipment manufacturing jobs across the United States. AEM is a strong proponent of policies that provide a vital safety net for farmers and ranchers to help strengthen the agricultural economy. These important policies enable farmers and ranchers to succeed during difficult times. Learn more.

Workforce Development

A pipeline of skilled labor to fill current and future workforce needs is essential to the success of the equipment manufacturing industry and America’s long-term economic success. Elected officials must prioritize policy that develop and expand federally supported career and technical education (CTE) programs while encouraging students to pursue CTE careers. Learn more.