Advocacy Reports

AEM has compiled the following reports to inform policymakers and their staff about our industry’s economic contribution and on other critical policy topics.

Economic Impact Report

AEM’s “The Economic Impact of the Equipment Manufacturing Industry” report highlights the industry’s total and direct contribution to the U.S. economy at the national, state, and congressional levels. This includes capturing the industry’s total employment, contribution to the U.S. Gross Domestic Product (GDP), total sales output, labor income, state and federal tax revenue generated and more. Learn more.

Infrastructure Advantage

Infrastructure is the backbone of America’s economy. To have the strongest economy in the world, America must have the best infrastructure in the world. It is time to reclaim our Infrastructure Advantage. AEM and equipment manufacturers have put together a set of policy recommendations for doing just that. Read AEM's The Infrastructure Advantage™ report.

Rebuild with Progress

AEM has always been a key industry partner when it comes to discussing our infrastructure, and how our industry can help move infrastructure projects forward. Our report, Rebuild with Purpose: An affirmative vision for 21st century American infrastructure, in partnership with the Brookings Institution lays the groundwork for a forward-looking infrastructure vision. Over 30 policy recommendations from the report were included in the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act when it was signed into law in fall of 2021.

Business Intelligence

Learn more about the trends in our industry. Our macroeconomic and industry trend data help our members remain competitive in today's global marketplace. Our Business Intelligence team also conducts tractor and combine reports as well as providing a Construction Equipment Trend Index. Learn more.