To promote agricultural product safety and compliance on a broad scale.

  • Acquire and disseminate information regarding emerging Product Safety and Regulatory Compliance issues.
  • Provide industry guidance and technical expertise to the Regulatory Processes in a timely manner during comment periods.
  • Promote alignment across equipment sectors and with international counterparts to facilitate valuable Strategic Standards.


To achieve its Mission, the Agricultural Equipment Council will be a coordinating council for issues within the Ag Sector, to identify a best course of action, and ensure best outcomes with available resources.

Key Activities

  • Acquire emerging issues through contacts with AEM members, industry organizations, standards development organizations, or regulatory contacts.
  • Determine the extent of data or evidence available.
  • Determine timing and potential risk to stakeholders.
  • Outline appropriate engagement of the issue within Ag sector technical committees, by Ad Hoc group, or by other collaboration with liaison partners.

Resources and Documents