AEM InsightsAEM recently launched its new Insights Page, a comprehensive collection of thought leadership assets and insights to support the association’s member companies and the equipment manufacturing industry at-large. 

The Insights page offers easy access to a wealth of detailed resources, and AEM encourage its members to use the insights to their advantage as they work closely with their customers and target audiences. 

Within the Insights page, members will gain a better understanding of how to better succeed in today’s changing business world. Notable insights include: 

  • AEM's Future of Building whitepaper – Provides an understanding of how influences such as, technology, renewable energy, and workforce development could transform the industry over the next 10 years.
  • AEM's Future of Food Production whitepaper – Provides understanding of how the agricultural industry could be reshaped over the next 10 years.
  • Business Intelligence Dashboard – Provides access to business-critical insights and indicators, and helps make informed decisions with key industry analysis, data and trends.
  • Sustainability Toolkit – Provides assessments and resources to assist members companies and their supply chains in minimizing impact on the environment.  

AEM builds momentum and strives to assist its members in making valuable connections with customers. Visit AEM’s Insights page to learn more.

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