By Kip Eideberg, AEM Senior Vice President of Government and Industry Relations

AEM’s member companies contribute a whopping $288 billion a year to the U.S. economy and represent 12% of all U.S. manufacturing jobs. They manufacture the equipment that builds, powers, and feeds the world, and we need to ensure our elected officials recognize the impact our industry has on the U.S. economy and understand the policies that will ensure the prosperity and longevity of American equipment manufacturing. The only way to achieve that is to continue our strong advocacy efforts at all levels of government.

We invite you to join us as we continue to advocate for our industry’s top policy priorities. From our state capitals to the halls of Congress, it is the collective voice of volunteer leaders like you that will make a difference.

AEM’s Advocacy Team is proud to relentlessly make the case for our more than 1,000 member companies across North America and the 2.8 million men and women of our industry. But we know that when an elected official hears the knock on the door from a local equipment manufacturer, they’re eager to pull up a chair and listen.

Regardless of your skill set, advocacy experience, or role at your company, we need you to help us make the case for commonsense and bipartisan policies that will help revitalize U.S. manufacturing, make a transformational investment in our nation’s infrastructure, and ensure that our industry can compete in the 21st century global economy.

So, we’ve convinced you to join us in our advocacy efforts, now, where to start?

  • Join us September 20-21, 2021 for our annual AEM Washington Fly-In, where we’ll spend our time meeting with lawmakers on Capitol Hill and discussing our industry’s policy priorities. You’ll be among more than three dozen member company executives who participate in meetings with more than 50 elected officials. Register today for the fly-in.
  • Connect with your elected officials throughout the year by participating in phone calls, virtual meetings, Capitol Hill visits, or in-district or state meetings.
  • Host a facility tour for a local elected official! There’s nothing like bringing them to the factory floor for a firsthand experience of your company’s contribution to the local economy.

Visit to learn more about our advocacy efforts and policy priorities. Find out more today by calling your AEM Account Success Advisor at 866-236-0442 or by requesting information at

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