Thoughtful Perspectives: The AEM Industry Advisor's Most Well-Read Blogs and Bylines of 2022



AEM strives to keep its member companies up to date with trends and perspectives of the industry. The AEM Industry Advisor features blogs and bylines that cover topics ranging from the developing workforce, new industry standards and any trends in between. The Advisor has the goal of providing valuable information to its readers, so as the year comes to an end, let’s look back at some of the most popular published pieces of 2022...

  • The Rural Migration Trend: What to Make of It, Why It's Happening and Where It's Headed -- By AEM's Danny Gavin -- Americans are moving to rural areas now more than ever, reflecting their desire for more space and lower cost of living. This migration will impact the agriculture industry, and this byline provides thoughtful insights into why it's happening.  
  • The Labor Shortage: How to Address One of Manufacturing’s Biggest Problems -- By AEM's Danny Gavin -- Job openings have been at record highs over the past year, but employers are struggling to find enough workers to meet the demand. These labor struggles will persist unless action is taken by building leadership pipelines and a sense of community within the industry. 
  • 5 Key Takeaways From AEM’s Member Surveys on Supply Chain Issues -- By AEM's Benjamin Duyck -- AEM engages with its members through quarterly Industry Conditions Surveys and Market Outlook Webinars. This byline highlights the increasing concerns and struggles members are experiencing regarding supply chain issues.  
  • 5 Modern Dairy Industry Benefits to Acknowledge and Celebrate -- By AEM's Austin Gellings -- The dairy industry has gone through many changes since its beginning, but it's among the most essential industries in agriculture today. Detailing the top benefits of the modern dairy industry, this byline serves as recognition and support for the industry.
  • How Manufacturing Companies Can Hire Smarter -- By Jobvite's Tom Hunley -- Manufacturing job openings have risen considerably over the past year, and like many industries, manufacturing struggles to fill those positions quickly. This byline provides insights into ways recruiters can successfully hire smarter for a wide variety of roles in the industry.
  • Is Crisis Communications the New Normal? -- By AEM's Kate Huskin -- The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way we communicate in the workplace. With these changes, however, it's more apparent how valuable communications and PR teams have on their organization. Through the ongoing evolution of communications, as this byline states, the role of these teams has become more vital than ever before. 
  • The Aging Workforce: 4 Ways Manufacturers Can Prepare Themselves -- By AEM's Julie Davis, SHRM-CP -- The aging workforce has been a concern for a majority of companies, as many employees will be seeking retirement simultaneously. This byline delves into how early awareness, the transfer of knowledge, retaining older workers when possible, and maximizing productivity and recruitment efforts, are all ways the manufacturing industry can effectively address this issue.
  • The Metaverse: The Next Big Thing in Equipment Manufacturing?  -- By AEM's Danny Gavin -- If used correctly, technology has the power to unite our society. The metaverse is a groundbreaking piece of technology and has the potential to do great things. The construction, agriculture and manufacturing industries could receive great benefits from the metaverse by using it to revolutionize the ways planning, research and problem solving are done, according to this byline. 
  • How Manufacturers Can Take Advantage of Influencer Marketing -- By Site-Seeker's Thomas Armitage -- Humans are better able to connect with and relate to other humans as opposed to brands. Influencers have built a bond with their audience, as this byline argues, so partnering with them is a better way to strategically market a brand rather than advertising since organizations are relying on that trust the influencers have built with their audiences.

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