Construction Equipment Council (CEC)


The mission of the Construction Equipment Council is:

  • To identify, evaluate and prioritize newly emergent issues related to developing technical standards, regulations and other matters common to construction equipment which could potentially impact member companies, their products and their markets.
  • To develop and communicate, as appropriate and in a timely and proactive manner, the consensus AEM position on such issues.


Technical issues that effect AEM construction equipment products particularly issues that impact multiple AEM product councils/bureaus/committees.

“Construction equipment” includes forestry, materials handling and personnel lifting equipment as well as equipment used for earthmoving, roadbuilding, mining, utility, etc. Agricultural equipment is excluded from the committee's scope.


This committee shall have the responsibility to identify, evaluate and communicate within the industry, issues concerning technical standards development, pending regulations and other issues that could impact member company construction equipment products and to provide an avenue for formulating the required industry position and action. This shall be accomplished by receiving and evaluating information from various sources such as the AEM construction equipment product groups, the Technical and Safety Council, the External Liaison Committee and special assigned task forces. A designated representative of each product group shall submit issues to the committee, communicate back to their respective group issues identified at the committee level and follow through with appropriate action. Each product group effected shall have a voice in developing industry positions.

The committee shall be responsible for determining the priority of each issue using an “importance vs. ability to influence” methodology and for creating the documentation concerning the issue. A member of the committee will be assigned as the principal contact person for each issue.

The External Liaison Committee shall serve as the link to outside (external) organizations when communication of industry positions is required or when AEM action could proactively influence the direction of the issue, as well as in unusual circumstances where the Standards and Regulations Committee is unable to provide direction or when immediate decisions are required to support negotiations with an outside organization.


The committee shall consist of designated representatives from each construction equipment product council, bureau or committee and interested members at large; and it shall report to the Technical Council Executive Committee. The chairman of the External Liaison Committee shall be an ex officio member of the committee. A chairman and vice-chairman shall be elected from the committee to serve for a two year term.


The committee shall meet as a minimum at the spring and fall Construction Equipment meetings in conjunction with the product group meetings.

Resources and Documents

EU Road Circulation Documents


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Group Leadership


Steve Neva

Doosan Bobcat

Vice Chair

Sonny Lenaers

JLG Industries Inc.

AEM Staff Contact

Valerie Lynch

Technical Manager, Safety & Product Leadership